Hello, Pain.

hello, pain.
were you waiting long
for me to notice you?

i heard you screaming
i felt your whippings
and yes you scared me
with new stories
of your coming
and where we might be going

sit down, pain.
we really should not be fighting
it is not your job to be a constant giver
maybe, in this life,
i have taken too much from you.
what is there left to understand
but that you are not 
the worst of all my enemies

pain, you are real
you're as complex
as i want to see you
as simple as you
really are

pain, what do you write
with my blood
that i have not read?
what game
do you play
with my brittled bones
that i have not played?

i know nothing for certain
for i can't even know myself
but i entreat you,
pain, can i offer you a cookie?
perhaps, we may never part
and if we did
wouldn't that be 
the loneliest of endings?

pain, you've become quiet
maybe now
is a good time to just breathe
let us rest and take a nap